Old Doodles

Before I went insane with old film cameras I doodled. I doodled a lot!

After Gauguin – Spirit of the Dead Watching (version 3)

The Neighbours Kid’s Nightmare Penetrates The Walls

Untitled Painting About Gorgy Road from Telephone House (and the beast that is)



Call Me Robbie, Everyone Else Does

Abstract Nude 3

See You F*ckers In Hell

Sex Show

The Clinton’s

Nude Study

Watching TV

Seated Nude

The Journey East …


Holding and Waving

My Desktop – Original


Anthony Hopkins From The Film ‘The Human Stain’. It Was Rubbish.

Life Drawing 10

Life Drawing 08

Abstract 1


Abstract Nude 2

Bowl Of Fruit

War 2


Girl 01

Cage Fighter


Brad Dourif

Sleep 01 – Paint Sketch

After ?? : My version of a painting I thought was called “the Uprising” by Ernst but it isn’t

Blue Velvet

LEO (from ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother)

After Hopper – Hotel Room

Steven Berkoff 2 (not so good)

Samurai Front

Samurai Side

Samurai Back


Room Without a View

After Ingres – Betty de Rothschild, Baronne de Rothschild

On The Road Again

We Wonder What Awaits Us Outside (sketch)
Wevie Stonder, “St. Michaels Mount”

Man In A Chair

What Does It Mean?

Two Diamonds, Sketch

Two Diamonds

Diamond Sketch


Abandoned Sketch

James “Lights Out” Toney


Will Smith

Stages of Discontent: 2

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