History of the Self

These photos are a series of self portraits that date back to 2009 just after my daughter was born when I realised that, suddenly, I was truly important to someone.

The self portrait, or selfie, is an odd thing because its a conscious decision to make one and it’s difficult to make candidly and deliver true honesty (whatever that is in the photographic sense).

Instead of hiding behind the pretence of it being a genuine ‘authentic’ moment I tried to have a little fun with it.


Untitled Self Portrait
Self Portrait Self Portrait
Self Portrait Self Portrait
Panora-me 2
Self Portrait, Olympus Trip 35 - Ilford XP2 Self Up High
Panorama Of The Self
Self Portrait When Ill
Untitled 'Silver Fox'
BCL 50th Anniversary
EDI Self

For more Selfies head over to my Self Flickr Album.

3 thoughts on “History of the Self

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your self portraits Si, it’s great to see a lot of them all in one place. I especially like the one of you in the car with your dad(?) and brother(?) oh and the pano-glitchy-one :-)


    1. Thanks JP. Yeah that’s my Dad but the other guy is my brothers partner, husband rather. It’s always interesting to look back and see my physical mass/volume fluctuate and hairline recede over the years. This is just a snippet from my Self Album but most are private I think.


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