Camera Collection

Collection updated last: 11 March 2019

62 Sony A7 (FF Digital) primarily with the Voigtlander Nocton Classic ƒ1.4 but also 28mm and 100-200mm Vivitar (Nikon mount) lenses and a Jupiter 8 LTM (there’s also a Sony kit lens that I rarely use).
[Camera Review]
Sony A7 with Jupiter 8 (LTM)

61 Intrepid Camera Co. (8×10) currently only with a Kodak Ektar 203mm, ƒ7.7
Intrepid Camera Co. 8x10

60 Leica M2, Rangefinder (35mm) now with a Voigtlander Nocton Classic ƒ1.4
59 Olympus EM10 (digital, M4/3)

58 Polaroid Image
57 Olympus MJU1 (35mm) – Faulty AF!
#olympus #mju1 #p&s for £1
56 Nikon F-301 (35mm)
Image to come.
55 Nikon F-601 (35mm)
Adapter Test
54 Miranda MS-1 (35mm)

53 Horizont, Panoramic (35mm)

52 Nikon FM2, SLR (35mm)

51 Pentax PC35AF, P&S (35mm) – Broken!

50 Nikon F65, SLR (35mm)

49 Nikon F55, SLR (35mm)

48 Zenit EM, SLR (35mm)

47 Homemade, box camera (16×20)

46 Graflex Graphic View, Monorail (5×4)

45 Kodak Brownie Starlet, Box Camera (127)

44 Kodak ColorSnap 35 Model 2, (35mm)

43 Kodak Six-20 ‘Brownie’ C, Box Camera (620)

42 Orion Camera, Fixed Focus View Camera (127)

41 Fuji Instax 200, Instant (Fuji Instax Wide)

40 Kodak Brownie No.2, Box Camera (120)

39 Kodak No.2A Folding Cartridge Premo, Folder (116)

38 Kodak Kodamatic Special No.2C Autographic, Folder, (130)

37 Kodak No.3A Model B5 Autographic, Folder (122)

36 Cosina CSR, SLR (35mm) – Locked Mirror!

35 Mamiya C330, TLR (120) – Stuck Shutter!
[Camera Review]

34 Crown Graphic, Large Format (5×4)

33 Polaroid Impulse

32 Harman Ilford ‘Titan’, Pinhole (5×4)

31 Samsung Fino 70SE, P&S (35mm)

30 Traveller AF-Zoom 80, P&S (35mm)

29 Traveller AF-Zoom 115, P&S (35mm)

28 Boots Mini Grip, P&S (110 Film) – Broken!

27 Ricoh AF Multi, P&S (35mm)

26 Canon AF, P&S (35mm) – Broken!

25 Minolta AF, P&S (35mm)

24 Halina 35X, View Finder (35mm) – Broken!

23 Bencini Koroll II, View Finder (120 Roll)

22 Regulette, View Finder (35mm)

21 Smena 6, View Finder (35mm) – Broken!
[Camera Review]

20 Bencini Comet S, View Finder (127 Roll Film) – Broken!

19 Pentax Zoom 105-R, P&S (35mm)

18 Smena Symbol, View Finder (35mm) – Broken!

17 Polaroid OneStep, Instamatic (SX-70/600 Pack Film)

16 Olympus Trip XB40 AF, P&S (35mm)

15 Polaroid 104 Land Camera, Instamatic (Fuji FP100 film)

14 PC-606, P&S (35mm)

13 Olympus Trip 35, sorta P&S (35mm) – Broken!

12 Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2 (120 roll) – Stuck Shutter!

11 Polaroid 80 (can’t find any freakin’ film!), Instamatic
10 Polaroid Studio Express, Instamatic (Fuji FP100 film)
It used to be a Mini Portrait but it’s now this!

09 Mamiya Universal, Rangefinder (120 roll, Fuji FP-100C Pack Film)

08 Zorki 4K, Rangefinder (35mm)
[Camera Review]

07 Halina Viceroy, Twin Lens Reflex (120 roll) – SOLD!

04 Diana F+ replica, Lomography (120 roll/Instax Mini)

06 FED 3, Rangefinder (35mm)

05 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, Digital Micro Four Thirds – Broken!
[Camera Review]

03 iPhone 4, Digital P&S
02 Casio Exilim, Digital P&S

01 Pentax K1000, Single Lens Reflex (35mm)
[Camera Review]


3 thoughts on “Camera Collection

  1. Nice collection! My dad had a Zenit SLR, the black, Olympic version I think. I seem to remember it was a hellish thing to use haha! I used to borrow it as a teenager. The homemade box camera looks interesting.


    1. Thanks. The Zenit is a beast to use, it had a sticky shutter at 1/60th I believe but no where as challenging as ‘The Box’. If it’s the camera I think you mean then I’ve managed to maybe get 3 pictures I liked from it, hellish to set up and develop the film/paper. Luckily I made the Radiology department paperless a few years ago and was gifted loads of Xray film.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. At least you have a ready supply then. Always fancied trying a home made camera, pinhole or something. One of my college lecturers used coke cans and things, and would leave them lying around to see what he’d get.


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