Beasts 02 (

So I’ve made another print zine through this time for Beasts Part Deux. I had started Beasts 02 as an online only zine using the ISSUU platform but after chatting with someone through my FB page I thought I might give another go to see if I can get a more satisfactory result as I was uncertain about the quality of finishing.

Beasts 02 at

This time I decided to go with their Print Book US Letter option with full colour perfect binding. I didn’t use their Photo Book option as it forces you to use their book building web-app which is very limited and there was no way I could replicate my design using it. I would say that the app is as limited as Huggler but maybe slightly more clunky.

Beasts 02

The zine is more like a book as it has 60 pages in total including some blank spacer pages at the beginning and end but it appears Lulu add additional pages at the end with a barcode on it so next time I’ll tack less spacers on the end of future projects.

Beasts 02

The pages are actually printed pretty well noted on previous ‘colour’ book/zine experiments, they look pretty good in the hand but my issues with print finishing are still there albeit marginally.



There is some misalignment between pages which is only noticeable on double page spreads with close inspection and on some of the double spreads when you open the pages out you can see white paper in the centre between pages pointing to an issue with the perfect binding but it’s only a couple of spreads. I elaborate more in the video below where you can really see it.

Beasts 02

Beasts 02

Despite these minor gripes I’ve made the zine live on because I’ve got it in my head that zines aren’t supposed to be perfect. Despite the horrendous print quality and wonky colours I still quite like my weird Beasts Blurb zine. I’ll likely be experimenting again with the US Letter format but maybe less double spreads until I figure out if it’s something I’m doing.

As always here’s the preview video.


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