Anna and the Elricks

Back form the dead with a brief overview of a couple of family oriented books I made just before Christmas 2016, this one is a photo-album of my daughter and her cousins.

This book is slightly smaller than the books I normally order through Huggler but I can certainly say the paper is pretty sturdy and print quality is just as decent. I found that through SnapFish some of their smaller and cheaper book sizes had poorer print production but not this guy.

I’ll likely be following up in the next few weeks with a few photo sequences I’ve made over the past few months but this year, like maybe last year, I’m not sure if I’ll continue to make wish lists of things I’d like to do. I think these wish-lists I used to make end up being duds so I’ll start letting things flow a bit more although I do want to follow up on a couple of the online-only ISSUU Zines I made last year but we’ll see.

le fin


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