Crowning Glory Flashes Heartily

About 3 years ago fellow film photography enthusiast but also wedding and wet plate photographer James Pearson described how to fire a modern-ish flash using the weird 2 pin flash poles on a classic Crown or Speed Graphic large format press camera.

Crown Graphic, GF1 - Lumix 14mm - 42mm

I had always meant to do this (3 years ago) but I finally gave it a go and it was actually pretty easy. All you need to do is grab one of these wee double wire connecting brick things (it has a name I’m sure) and attach each Crown/Speed Graphic flash-sync pole into it, strip a PC flash cord and screw the wires into the other end (not sure if it matters which way round) and hook the PC cord into a flash gun that has a PC port and you’re done.

iPhone 2016 04 16

All that’s left is to make sure the flash mode on the shutter is set to X, if your shutter doesn’t support X-Sync then you’ll need to create a module that’ll delay the signal reaching the flash but that’s way above my pay-grade that’s for sure.

My next step is to buy or fashion a plate to sit my flash on using the tripod screw threads under the camera.

Here’s a wee video to hopefully make it clear.


3 thoughts on “Crowning Glory Flashes Heartily

  1. Nice! Hope the pictures work out with it. The polarity shouldn’t matter because it’s just being shorted out on the camera shutter. I’ll need dig out the (slightly) fancier version of the cable I made that uses crimps rather than a terminal block – I’ll pop it in the post to you if I find it!


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