Following on from last years 2014 book post here’s my 2015 book, a sort of retrospective of pictures and things I found interesting this year. Obviously 2015 isn’t over yet but I thought I’d pull together the themes that stuck out this year.

2015 hasn’t been as turbulent a year as 2014 thus the 2014 book consisted mostly of moving house so in the 2015 book I focussed more on family friends and work as its themes. I bought my daughter a camera this year so I’ve included photos from her perspective something I’m sure I’ll do more of.

Nearer the end of the year I’ll do a retrospective of 2015 and maybe mark some photographic goals for 2016 as I do most years but for now here’s a video tour:



4 thoughts on “2015

  1. Really excellent book Si, you’re constantly inspiring me with your great work. I love the cover picture you picked. What an honour to be featured in your book two (or three if you count my dark tent) times too! :-)

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    1. Thanks JP! It was brilliant seeing your wet plate in action, hopefully we can all meet up again and do something similar in 2016; I need to sort out my work/life balance this year and enjoy ‘traditional’ photography again.


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