Late to the Act of Killing

I’ve only just watched what is probably the most disturbing film I’ve yet seen, The Act of Killing, and it chilled me. The flippant disregard for life was astounding but also the pride for what they had done and how they did it was unbelievable up until they reenacted their hideous crimes using their friends and families; genuinely shocking.

It’s a tough watch not because it was graphically violent other than some prosthetic movie violence which dovetails the gangsters origins but just how open they were about what they did. The films ending was very interesting, was Anwar’s physical recoil the realisation of what was done an act in itself?

Despite the gross nature of Oppenheimer’s film the constant flow of surreal imagery was graphically astounding and I found myself pausing to capture frames here and there to help illustrate this which I’ve included below.

I highly recommend this film to anyone interested in this aspect of history, it certainly opened my eyes wider to see just how an influential government can negatively affect a country through it’s foreign policies. Truly sickening.

Here’s the trailer.

le fin


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