Edinburgh Counterpoint

After listening to Steve Reich’s Vermont Counterpoint on loop one evening it got me thinking in pictures mainly because I mostly think in pictures, even remembering people’s names can a visual process.

EM10 2015 05 09

As you can hear in the music it’s a series of previously recorded loop tracks that overlay each other similar to his phase music like piano phase but over the loops the musician adds another series of complimentary melodies; it’s frighteningly hypnotic.

EM10 2015 05 09

So while listening to this music I surfed through a years worth of photos to find images to pull together that would either complement each other or would illustrate a point of contention.

EM10 2015 08 15

I found photos of my daughter and nephews with weapons then numerous photos of dead animals, the images of flags from the Barclays protest and quite a few street photos I’d made that leant themselves open to this kind of interpretation.

EM10 2015 08 15

Some links are stronger or more obvious than others but they are there in my head. When making my customary video I tried to spell out these links but in doing so it sounded really terrible and lame so I deleted all that audio and cut the talking short.

EM10 2015 07 03 - Work




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