Inverness-Shire 2015

Another holiday means another holiday book and this time I made it through SnapFish because they had a 50% off everything deal going.

EM10 2015 07 12

Huggler are no longer running offers through Amazon Local which is a shame because the print quality was good despite the limitations within the online design application. They still do offers but nowhere as ‘affordable’ as they were.

EM10 2015 07 12

The 50% deal crept up on me quite quickly meaning I had to hack it together really quickly and didn’t manage to effectively work the 2 themes I wanted to use from the holiday which were ‘No Windfarms’ signs and images of birds.

EM10 2015 07 14

I took an executive decision to keep it location oriented and fairly family centric with a limited amount of ‘my stuff’ though it is there.

EM10 2015 07 15

I went back to a basic single image per page layout except when it came to a beast medley half way through. I also managed to get quite a few Horizont panorama photos in because I used that camera a lot on the holiday (despite the constant film-snaps).

HORZ 2015 07 15

As always, here’s the video:


le fin


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