Portraits 01

Richard and Harry

This test book was a fumbled together while under the influence hours before the SnapFish 50% off sale ended.


There’s not much to really talk about, they’re portraits mostly of family though not exclusively using all manner of mediums like FP-100C bleached negatives, Direct Positive Paper, digital and other films of different sizes.


Here’s a quick musical video tour:

le fin


3 thoughts on “Portraits 01

  1. Such a great book Si, brilliant portraits. I love the blend of the different mediums; all so different and yet they fit so well together. Maybe you should make more books under the influence if you can knock out something so good, so quickly. Love the video and the music. I had to stop it to check I wasn’t running two different videos at once (sounded like two songs clashing to begin with)!!! :-D

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    1. Thanks JP, the music does sound like that at first it’s an odd blend of melodies from another some he did which used real instruments. I’m going to try to do portraits 02 through Lulu.com once I get an idea together.


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