Handmade Books 1

Mucking around with print companies like Blurb, Lulu.com and Huggler is one thing but making a book with your own hands is something way more satisfying.

Book of Bad Photos

I’ve made a few now, more recently in preparation for the zine that shalt not be named, but in the video that accompanies this post I include the big brother of all my handmade photobooks; the first handmade photobook I ever made for no reason other than to record how bad my wet prints were on some foggy old Kodak paper.

Book of Bad Photos

Book of Bad Photos

The book was built using some heavy card I had lying around which was then taped into place using duct tape (originally just masking tape). I then used double sided sticky tape to tape each terrible print down after it’d been cropped. Very basic.

The second book in the video …
Slice Book

Slice Book

… is actually a new mockup of a book I made last year to test out Albelli photobooks. The Albelli book didn’t have very good print quality although everything else was nice, so I decided to make a new mock up to then possibly print it again through Lulu.com but I’m not sure when I’ll go through with it.

Slive Book

Slice Book

I built this book by printing each double page spread and double sided-sticky taping them back to back. Once that was done and after including blank pages at the beginning and end I glued the spine for extra strength using white PVA glue (a water based adhesive).

Slice Book

As per normal I made a short video of the books but without any commentary this time.



2 thoughts on “Handmade Books 1

  1. Nice books and great pictures! I love the added charm of the homemade quirks. I’m looking forward to receiving your zine in the post this week.


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