Night Light Zine

Following on from my last blog post about making zines, the animal based zine who shan’t be named, I went on a mission to make a more affordable B&W zine with


Rather than hum and haw over a concept I regurgitated my second ever Blurb test book Night Light. Night Light was all about night time infrared flash photography and it was a lot of fun to make those photos because I didn’t really know what I was going to get.


The initial proof from didn’t look that great, the images looked really flat and didn’t sit well with the print quality. It turns out that the JPEGs I got from the camera were horrible or had a horrible colour profile because I after I converted the images to CMYK in Photoshop and adjust the levels they looked much better.



The initial proof book was 70 pages but it was just too much, I wanted it to be claustrophobic but it was just monotonous and the double page spreads didn’t work with the tight ‘perfect binding’. I shook this up and decided to frame each picture with a simple white border and crop the photos down to their essence and I think it looks better.



The second proof had good enough contrast but even though the print quality of the book type I chose, paper and printing, wasn’t top of the line it has the zine aesthetic and I think it works OK.



So the options I chose was Premium Paperback, A5 and printed as Black and White. The cost came down to £2.70 for the final edition making it £5.69 including postage and much more affordable.



I was chatting with friends about contacting local printers after chatting briefly on twitter with Dan Domme about his zine Burrito Massacre. He described in a podcast that that’s how he produced his latest zine after starting off photocopying and binding his first issues. I’ll likely take that further once I’ve paid off my OMD EM10.





Here’s my customary video:



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