Behind the Bride

Continuing a theme from a couple of posts back called Behind the Dogs where I briefly chatted about the making of my favourite dog photo, here I chat about my Bride photo.

Photo-Meet Up, 16 March 2013

When out taking photos with the GreySkies guys in a typically rainy Edinburgh day we found ourselves up on George the IV Bridge about ready to give in for a pint or two when we saw a bunch of high-vis jackets dancing about up near Frankensteins pub a kerfuffle even.

Photo-Meet Up, 16 March 2013

As we got near we saw the Police had corralled a group of SDL protestors protesting about something while holding up the traffic. We tried to work the scene of a rather dull shouting match but the Police managed to block most attempts to get near the SDL side. As we started to give up I spotted the saddest sight, a wedding vehicle trapped in the traffic jam.

Photo-Meet Up, 16 March 2013

Photo-Meet Up, 16 March 2013

Though I don’t normally do close flash work these days, but perhaps I was all fired up with the protestors, I ran down towards the car saw the bride and took just one photo. I smiled and said “thank you”, not that she would’ve heard me.


I thought to myself: getting married and it’s raining is bad enough but rain and the SDL blocking your journey to the church and an idiot photographing it must’ve been pretty bad.

Photo-Meet Up, 16 March 2013

‘ere I am as captured by Martin Mutch of GreySkies with my waterlogged and frozen Nikon F65:
Streetogs don't feel the rain!



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