is a Beast

I say it in my video and I mean it, this will be the last Beasts blog post until I do a new edition.


I got my proof a few days ago and I liked it, no, I really liked it so I’m now going to stop talking about it after this post.
This Lulu production is a 32 page A5 ‘saddle stitched’ full colour zine and it went on sale for £6.60 but currently has a %15 discount added to it (the maximum you can do) so it’s now £5.61, postage is as low as £2.99 (in your face Blurb)! I make a profit of 20p for every issue sold; that’s my retirement fund sorted. It’s cheaper than Blurb’s but still quite expensive in my mind for a zine.


Full colour is way more costly than black and white to produce so my next test book is a 70 page ‘perfect bound’ B&W A5 version of my Night Light infrared Blurb street photobook. If it looks OK it’ll be on sale at £4 but will again be listed with a %15 discount making it £3.40.


I’ll leave you with the last video about this almost ‘zine from hell’ since it’s been through so many revisions or productions, I also briefly talk about how easy it is to make a zine with them.


This is my ‘Store’ page, sorry for being a shill:


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