Behind the Dogs

Here’s brief but unexciting story behind one of my favourite photos …


I was wandering through Lochend Park in Edinburgh and came across a lady with an odd assortment of different dogs just as I entered the main park area, it was such an odd bunch I just had to chat to her about them. She revealed they weren’t actually hers that she was a dog walker and they were all from different owners.


I talked about the Staffy’s (Staffordshire Bull Terriers) I grew up with when I was young and about my Dad’s Border Terrier and took a few snaps then went on my way.

Dogs, Take Two

About 20 minutes later I’d lost my Zorki’s 35mm viewfinder and while searching through the undergrowth for it I bumped into her again but this time with a completely different set of dogs.


These guys were super hyperactive little psychodogs and kept jumping up at me, probably attempting to gore my throat …


… and that’s where I got that, now annoying, photo of the psycho dog I’ve been using as a cover image for my feeble attempts at making a Beasts Zine


I’m not sure if I’ve already blogged about this or not but I’m not going through my post history to find out (there’s millions!).

… I finally found the viewfinder by the way, after about 2 hours of back-tracking.



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