Beasts Zine dot dot dot

Beasts! A theme that’ll never die, a book that’ll never be completed; a product it could still be but perhaps not yet but lets see.

Beasts ZIne

I’ve blogga-ccino’d about this project or theme over the past couple of years so I won’t delve into why but rather what I’ve done now. Last year I made a book via Huggler and one previous failed attempt at a Blurb Mag but I decided to go again with Blurb to see if it really was a screw up on my side, but it appears it wasn’t.

Beasts Zine

Here’s Beasts-Mag/Zine 2.0 … (dot dot dot) and it looks the same. Whatever printing methods/styles Blurb were using back in 2013 when I made my first ever Blurb mag they ‘aint’ using them now and/or the paper makes all the difference. I tried to make this mag with the ‘better’ paper option but I kept being told by the InDesign plugin that Economy was all I could have; must look into that (there’s also the missing 8 pages from the zine, I must look into that as well!).

Beasts ZIne

The magazine has a decent printed cover but the insides are a little grey and lack contrast much like the last Blurb Mag .. BUT … there’s something interesting about that.

The colours are weird, reds are now orange-esque but the blues and bright greens are very strong and clear. Black and white images also look OK and gain contrast over colour pictures.

Beasts ZIne

I’ve grumbled before and again a little bit right now about the murky print quality but, y’know, it still kinda works. It’s a zine, it’s supposed to look like shit on some level but saying that I’m not sure if I want to monetise this magazine, offering it up to everyone or anyone.

This, I think, might sit with me for a while or I’ll convert it into an actual Blurb book where the print quality will be infinitely better.

Beasts ZIne

After being a bit grumbly about it I actually think I’m sold on this interpretation of my photos so until I choose what to do next and as anyone who follows this blog knows … here’s the bloody video of me gargle-blasting about what I’ve done …

Le Fin!


4 thoughts on “Beasts Zine dot dot dot

  1. Simon, everything about this was brilliant. I love your videos – the music fading up over your commentary was especially nice and somehow self-deprecating in a perfectly fitting way; wonderfully modest as always! :-)

    I love, love, LOVE your zine! The pictures are fantastic, but we knew that already. I can see the printing flaws (and sure Blurb should either be upfront about this or fix it) but it adds a nice aesthetic for me. I would buy a copy today if I could (if it included the missing pages of course!) so please let me know *when* it’s on sale! The colours don’t seem too drastic, but I know what it’s like when you’re so familiar with the original and the duplication just doesn’t live up to what’s on screen.

    Keep up the fantastic work Si!!


    1. Wow JP, thank you for inspiring me to persevere.

      I just stumbled over my first Blurb mag earlier this afternoon and the difference in print/paper quality is quite stark. I need to count the pages to see if I’ve been short changed or if I did it myself because there has to be certain amount of even numbered pages in order to fold it together and print so I might have to add more pages to the design but it’ll add more cost, something to do when I get home tomorrow.

      I’ll have to RDP into my work Mac via Apple Remote Desktop because that’s where InDesign is but fortunately I’ll be able to put a ‘curtain’ over my 3 screens to hide my activities and try my best NOT to do any work which will be the hardest part. That dog face double page would look nicer when complete.

      More to come here for sure!

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