A Cold Dark Nowhere Place

This book, like pretty much all others, is really a sketchbook of ideas for another one of my so called photography projects. This project resonates more with me right now than most others because it’s a daily experience – driving to and from work near industrial places that at night or early morning feel empty and lifeless.

There are so many of these constructed spaces who’s sole purpose is commerce, since no one lives there, and no one actually wants to be there other than to make or spend money and that fascinates me.

These lifeless spaces are at the core of the Cold Dark Nowhere Place theme and in this sketchbook I tried to run a contrast between those and ‘living’ spaces and are they much different(?).

GF1 2015 02 25

I start the book with growing trees albeit a controlled manufactured growth before moving onto ‘real’ manufactured living spaces.


Then we go back to a fully grown tree that looks natural but could only be artificially grown in place like where we started. We move into an Ikea parking lot early morning before the store opens, which is the real direction of the project.


Continuing on we pass through a transitional space of signs and controlled, yet out of control, foliage into the city at night under artificial light plus more artificial light with car lights into a series of grey nowhere places.

GF1 2015 03 15

We end up in unidentified non-places at night on an empty road finishing on my reflection photographing an apparition of a bush.

GF1 2015 02 10

It’s a very bleak book, it’s about the artifice of the world around us from it’s physical construction even light asking what’s real or just pointing out how manufactured it is. I know it sounds very pretentious but sadly this is what I think about when I’m driving around.

GF1 2015-02-04a

I’m not entirely sure what the outcome means to me, is this the matrix or is the matrix just a unique psychological construction in each of us? Here’s a video of me stumbling around equally badly explaining the process in a bloody video:




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