What’s Up For 2015?

Another year and another opportunity to write down all the things I want to do but will ultimately be bogged down with something else and never get finish but the sentiment and desire to achieve is there.

I’m now in my 40s so I’m not sure yet if that’s inspiration enough to be über motivated and get things done or not, I’m sure we’ll find out so here’s a list of on-going ideas or things on the back-burner …


2014 the stupid version

This is pretty much a constant since maybe around 2010 when I made a book of photos of my daughter for my parents as a Christmas present (Amazon-bloody-Local just sent out another Huggler book deal email, 26 pages for £9 and 100 pages for £19; I can’t bloody resist)!

I also have a Beasts Blurb magazine in the design and layout phase that I just need time to finalise but it’s getting there, maybe around 32 or 34 pages, it will also be for sale if it looks OK. I just need to stop over-thinking it.

One final thing is I’ve got a 26 page Huggler book to use before the end of March so I better get my skates on and get something started but I’m struggling to pull an idea out of my backside, usually they just come to me.


GreySkies Website

We’ve been chatting about putting together another local exhibition, aiming for next year in a venue dedicated to exhibiting pictures, venue availability is often tight plus things can move slowly with all our other commitments. Until then we might seek out smaller venues here and there if they will take us, there’s also the potentially of a magazine or small/simple book being produced but it needs more discussion over it.



I think it’s time to stop fanning about and get in touch with the council to see if I can do my garbage photo-essay about garbage collection, they can only say no or f*ck off or yes(!), that’d be nice.


Zorki 4K

I did very little printing last year thanks to the upheaval of moving house and trying to getting used to a new working environment. I’ve also got upcoming Primary School holiday schedules to budget leave for so this might make future darkroom time tricky, but I must get back into it because it’s ace fun.

I now have another enlarger that can do medium format 6×6, while I ponder how to fix my favourite broken Durst, but the timer is a bit sticky …



Because of the dark mornings/evenings in the UK the past few months I’ve not been using much in the way of film, although I do have 3 rolls of colour film to process and at least 2 of them will be getting done in Rodinal and bleached. I’ve also got to get the Fomapan 200 working in the bulk loader without scratching (see above).

The Digital

Oh Yeah, Freelensing (maybe not)

Almost everything posted to Flickr of late has been from the GF1 which is getting very old and tired. I’ve been eyeing up potential replacements for the GF1 but I’m in no financial position to buy anything let alone a £400 – £600 camera, I started looking at a Fuji XE-1 but after using an XPro1 I’m almost completely off that idea.

I’m now considering something from the OMD EM-X range, likely an EM5 (the first/oldest of the bunch) if the price drops enough thanks to the EM5 Mk2s release; I might manage to buy a body only at around £450 by December this year (yes, it’s that bad).

My digital camera is a good toy to ‘sketch’ with but also do proper paintings (wanky analogy?)

So that’s pretty much most of what I’ll be attempting to cover this year, the big guy is parked at the moment but might get an airing this month when I meet up with both James Pearson and Iain Kendall if the weather permits.

Making big photo-plans and sticking to them isn’t easy but hopefully I can find a way in 2015 and you can too.

le fin


2 thoughts on “What’s Up For 2015?

  1. That’s an impressive list of goals.
    I’m looking for a new camera to replace my Canon G10, but have no idea what to buy because so many of the p&s cameras are lousy in low light. I seem to be using digital less and less.
    One of my goals for 2016 is to make it back to Edinburgh. Was hoping to get there in 2015 but a broken transmission in my Honda means my vacation money has to go to a new car. Not happy.
    So my big goal for 2015: win the lottery. Is that too much to ask?
    Look forward to all your posts. Thank you for sharing.


    1. The cameras with smaller sensors are generally not as good in low light as larger sensors, a guy in the GreySkies collective used a Fuji X10 for a while, it’s a really small sensor though slightly bigger than your G10, but it could go to higher ISOs than my M4/3 GF1, but if you’re steering away from digital then it’s probably not worth the expense (around £200 on Amazon). I’m still happily using both for now.

      I understand your frustrations with your car, I had the same thing going on with my roof. I’d saved a semi-decent cash-stash for an OMD but a roof leak kicked that idea in the hot-shoe. Winning the lottery is also on my to-do list, should’ve appended it to the post as well.

      Good luck with your lottery win, see you on the news!


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