Just a quick post to highlight a small (tiny) exhibition of some work by GreySkies on display in Edinburgh.


When I say tiny I mean TINY. We’re occupying a stairwell in a restaurant called Rosehip on Rose Street, near the Hanover Street end of Rose Street (between Frederick Street and Hanover Street). It’s a sorta warm up to see how we go getting ourselves together for an exhibition.


We were all very rusty but I think we’ve all learned a lot from this experience and are now actively searching venues for a dedicated show.


We supplied three photos each with no overall theme in mind, just highlights from our back catalog.


… a graphic representation of our unique styles and approaches to our picture making.


I think our chosen images were representative of our individual aesthetic; I had my animals, street IR and Abandoned Edinburgh; Louis had his colourful still/street life work; Gavin his abstract/close work; Gareth with his close street portraits; Martin with his enigmatic portraits; and Paul with close portraits and one of his complex compositions.


I’m not sure how long it’s on for but it should be on well into January maybe February. If you’re in Edinburgh and wandering around town, pop in and have look.


(Photos by Martin Mutch)


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