2014, a Retrospective

2014 is almost over and we’ve nearly made it.

This is a look back post to what I’ve blogged about this year. In January I started off with a standard farewell to 2013 with obligatory Christmas and New Year posts in which I talked about being more film focussed but I’m not sure I really stuck with that focus any more than previous years.


In January, my family and I were in a state of flux as we prepared to move home again from our rented flat into a house that needed some work done to it.

House - The Face Says It All

I met Miranda in January along with some Birds before GreySkies became official, I thought it’d never happen.


January and February are funny months because they still have fairly dark mornings and nights. I found that permanently working out of town was photographically difficult and a little boring.


Although I didn’t feel like I did anything extra special in the traditional photographic sense I did manage to try some experimentation. I put photo paper into a 35mm canister, pushed the shit out of Poundland Vista film, but the focus was all about books.


Obviously, if you’ve followed my blog this year, books have been my focus. BOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKSBOOKS and BOOKS (BOOKS).

Book Club

I did occasionally deviate from general photography here and there (or there) but not too far.


So, what’s next for 2015?
My darkroom took a backseat for the most part especially when I damaged my favourite enlarger but that could be my focus next year …

The big cameras didn’t see much action this year and the biggest of all only saw one outing; the Big Guy needs some serious time in the field to justify the space he takes up in my garage …


Street Photography also took a bit of a back seat, despite it being the original focus of the blog, but one thing that should be happening soon, street photography wise, is at least one group exhibition … but it’s still under negotiation.

Anyway, I’ve got a few things to give focus should I need it next year, hopefully I’ll have time and money enough to do them justice.

In case this is my last blog post until 2015 I’d like to say a big Thank You to everyone who has chatted with me about ‘picture-making’ processes or my pictures. Every conversation means something to me, I enjoy a good chin-wag about photography with like minded folks.

Even though December has just begun I hope 2015 treats you well when it comes.

All the best,


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