The first attempt at making an iBook was more of a learning experience than anything else so I thought I’d see how a second attack could look.

iBook - Night Light

This time I was working off my Night Light book idea, an infrared street photography Blurb book, but I also incorporated my Urban Nightmare project which is more an album of visual ideas.

iBook - Night Light

I’m still not sure about the iBooks Author tool. It’s weird and taking me a lot longer than any other app to figure out which is worrying me. Am I old and senile already?

iBook - Night Light
Issues Continued
Making a larger iBook allowed me to add more than one chapter, which makes the Table of Contents page (TOC) have more stuff in it, BUT, rather than just one TOC page there’s now a TOC page for both chapters and one for the Introduction page!

iBook - Night Light

I understand that if a chapter contained multiple sections then you might want a dedicated TOC but there should be manual override options to define how many TOCs you want but it’s all way too automated and so far I can’t change that.

iBook - Night Light

Anyhoo, here’s the inevitable video tour:

… and here’s the iBook if you want to see it for yourself.


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