iBlech Author

The past few days I’ve been trying to get my head around iBooks Author to see if I’d consider making e-versions of my photobooks to see if I could expand my book making understanding with this new media.

Disclaimer: the following sweeping statements are based on my own personal experience using iBooks Author for about four or five days and it’s likely that, if someone is reading this knows the app well, my experience won’t mirror yours.

Beasts iBook

I do believe I’ve found an application that I could genuinely say is welcome in the upper echelons of Illogical App Hell, up there with the likes of GE’s EchoPAC PC a terrible and buggy 4D ultrasound DICOM viewer.

Beasts iBook

It’s terrible but only because it appears to have it’s own eco system of control-concepts, at times breaking away from standards played out for years in apps like Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Office.

The main thing that annoys me to no end is the Table Of Contents (TOC). I wanted to add/remove items but I’m not allowed despite following the instructions to specify Paragraph Styles or remove default placeholder text, it doesn’t give a shit.

Beasts iBook

I’ve now got two TOC title pages, one for an ‘About the Author’ page and the other for the actual book(?)!

Anyway, silly rant aside it’s actually been great to see an interactive-ish version of my book ideas on the small screen, or big screen if your using your Mac. For this ‘Beasts’ iBook conversion I even re-edited my original books video tour an appended it to illustrate the iBooks origin.

Beasts iBook

Despite the less than stellar start I’ve not been beaten down, I’m sure I’ll give it another go and try to do it ‘correctly’ or rather how Apple thinks I should do it.

If you are interested in seeing the book yourself, download it from my DropBox Share.



5 thoughts on “iBlech Author

  1. Nice book and looks great on my screen – it seems a shame that making them is so onerous as I think it is a nice media to present these – looks very professional and the photography is as always inspirational.


    1. I always thought I was OK at grasping how applications ‘work’, it’s at the core of my day job working with all sorts of weird apps and interfaces from medical imaging like I mentioned (I’ve even showed engineers who to use their equipment!) to weird stats applications but this one totally threw for 6.

      I’m sure I’ll figure it out the next time I try to pull something together, I think the constant shoulder nerve pain contributed to my short fuse so I hope next time I’ll have more patience. Thanks for your positive vibes!



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