With my time off looking after Anna during her October break from school I’ve managed to do something with the shed we inherited when we bought our current house … destroy it.


I started off by setting up my Graphic View 5×4 and made a series of progress photos as the shed was emptied and then pulled down.


These are scanned contact prints made on Fomapan 100 5×4 sheet film taken with a Graflex Graphic View monorail camera and developed in Rodinal 1+25.


The paper I used was Fomapan’s FomaSpeed Variant 311 multigrade paper made in my shower room with it’s ceiling light at a fraction of a second I could only feel and certainly couldn’t count.


Pulling down the shed was actually a lot of fun and a lot easier than I expected.


The rest of these images were made on Agfa VistaPlus 400 speed film pushed to 800-ish (I guess), taken with my Nikon F601 using the F65s 28mm-85mm kit lens.

I Shed Shed

I Shed Shed

When I say pushed to 800 I mean developed for about 25 minutes in C41, a total guess.

I Shed Shed

I Shed Shed

I Shed Shed

I’d updated my iPhone 4s to OS8 and tried to make a time-lapse video of the whole thing but it burnt out my phones battery in a matter of minutes. I did manage to make a faux ‘art movie’ from what footage I did get. Yeah, it’s a little silly.


le fin


6 thoughts on “Shed

    1. Thanks Gretchen.

      I don’t foresee another shed going up anytime soon; I was making space in the garden and to be honest it was like a death camp for wasps and other insects and I don’t do wasps; spiders were re-homed.


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