Beasts is an on-going group project by GreySkies which we’re still working on producing, episodically, but I jumped the gun a little bit and made a miniature compilation of my own photos.


I initially made a Blurb Mag using most of these images but it looked terrible so I went to Huggler and made a 26 page book after Amazon Local dangled a £9 carrot in front of me a few weeks ago.

Edinburgh, 26 May 2013 Meet Up

The ideas behind Beasts are things like juxtaposing the real and the fake, the alive and dead, the pet and the wild plus much more. So I had a guy dressed as a dog opposite a real dog urinating in the street, a dead fox on the road opposite another sleeping calmly amongst the city green of a local park.


Below I’ve got a now typical video overview of this book which demonstrates my lack of presentation and speaking skills so enjoy what you can from it.

Here’s a new Gallery page that accompanies the Beasts Book and here’s a Germany friendly video due to a copyright claim on the ‘Traveling Still‘ track by Sidsel Endresen I used in the embedded video.

Le Fin


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