I’m thinking of picking up drawing and/or painting again.

After having loads of fun doodling with my daughter during the festival making a tiara, decorating a cup and yesterday, helping her make a t-shirt design. I’m starting to feel the tingle.


These doodles aren’t exactly gallery quality, almost, but not quite (joke), but that isn’t the point.


I’m not blogging my photos and drawings for money, more for the old fashioned ideal of ‘art’ as doing it because you like it or because you ‘have to’.


I believe drawing, painting, sculpting and photographing are all the same thing and they’re an excellent, fun and a potentially positive way to make peace with yourself.

I don’t normally do quotes but here’s one from Pablo Picasso (who was never called an asshole):

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Ciao, bella


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