I’ve had my micro four/thirds camera since 2011 and I’ve only ever bought one additional lens, a Panasonic 50-200 which I hated, rarely used then sold last year for less than half what I paid for it.

I didn’t expect to buy another lens because I was happy enough with the kit 14-42 as it did everything I wanted, I don’t care for mega-sharpness or give a damn about chromatic aberration or any other kind.


The lens I bought cost £39 including shipping from an eBay store and is the Olympus 15mm Bodycap lens with a fixed ƒ-stop of ƒ8.

New (Cheap) Lens

The lens doesn’t talk to the camera so you need to have ‘shoot with the lens off‘ mode enabled. It has a manual focus lever enabling you to slide between 30cm and infinity faster than a Ferrari or any other meaningless brand of sports car.



So far I love it. It’s odd adjusting the shutter speed around the fixed aperture but it’s nothing new, I had to do that with my Halina Viceroy and with a couple of Kodak box cameras. It just means I have to be prepared like I normally am with my film cameras.


It does mean that when it comes to flash I know how much power I should use depending on distance as the ƒ-stop is constant.

Since I don’t have a VF on the GF1 I tried to guess the distance using my stupid face and I was alarmed at how close I’d have to be to use the nearest focusing zone.



Pretty scary.


I plan to take this lens out and use it properly in the field and see what I can get with it. It’s not sharp, it’s not Leica, but I think that “it’s me” and fits my current approach to pictures.


The tiny focus shift between 30cm and infinity will work well with the Olympus OM-D EM10 Focus Peeking mode. I’m planning on buying the EM10 as a replacement to my GF1 as it’s starting to fail here and there.

On several occasions it has failed to record a photo to the card even though the shutter and flash fired, plus the 14-42 lens has also been losing connection with the body.


I am a collector but I don’t just buy because I can, I actually can’t, or buy for the hell of having ‘x’ lenses per system. I’m not a ‘photographer’, my work-life is in IT for a University so photography, whatever that is, is my fun-life.

So here’s to ‘fun’!


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