I’m now addicted to making books and I’ve made another one barely a month after my last one and the one before that. Of course when I say ‘making books’ I really mean ‘practicing at making books’ as these will never be published anywhere but you never know, I might actually make a zine at some point.


This one is called ‘Scapes’ and features mostly landscapes, but not exclusively, and was made through a company called Huggler of whom I’ve never heard of in the book making market.

For £19 I get a square 21″ x 21″ book with 100 pages.


Making the book was a totally online experience through a flash object so it felt very sluggish building the book and I half expected my MacBook to be killed at anytime.

SnapFish is another online only construction platform but they use a different web technology which feels really quick and smooth in comparison.


The options available to you through the Huggler interface are very low-tech and very very limited; the templates they provide are all you’ve got with no way of granularly manipulating them. The whole feel is aimed at people with no publishing knowledge or experience whatsoever (ever-ever).


If I wanted to have a blank page I had to use an empty full bleed photo object, see below.


It took me half a day to pull it together after about a day of searching for images but one problem with my ideas is I don’t actually write them down.

This is both annoying but also quite good because when I look at the book again I can’t fully remember my state of mind at the time of designing it so I then have to re-decipher it and it feels fresh.

I was listening to/watching The Power of Nightmares on a loop during it’s construction so my mind was off in a land of religious radicalism theory or in a depression from hearing about nihilistic governments lying their way into power.


I’ve pulled together all the images into a Flickr album and I’ve also made a full gallery post here on the blog.



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