Just Another Book, No Biggie

26 random photos taped to car with no idea how to bind it together. #homemade

Yeah, so, it’s only about been about a week now since my last post about making a book and I’ve sorta done another one.

This time I used cheap prints from SnapFish and a pile of left over card from another project I can’t remember working on, maybe another book so some sort.

Sequencing, i've no idea how to sequence these family pics. Gonna tape them to some card and bind them somehow.

So after reading through some books on photography I kept thinking to myself that I need to realise some of my designs to create stuff I’d like to see.

So while thumbing through books like BJP magazine and Art Photography Now by Susan Bright circa 2005 I wanted to explode an idea into reality right there and then but I couldn’t so I thought I’d make a damned book about family (by immediately ignoring my family)!

I pulled out as many photos as I could find to hand and started sequencing or trying to sequence, I had no idea where I was going with it but kept trying to see a pattern.


I wanted to do a moving house thing but didn’t have enough printed pictures so I just gave in and went with the representation of family as a documentary project, much in the vein of Flickr group La Familia Abrazada; a tough group to crack (I only have one in it) but awesome to view.


In the photos I realised I was approaching my family like a documentary so I just went with it, there’s only 2 out of 26 photos that could be seen as posed.

Edinburgh Holiday Sketchbook; Anna and the 'Saurs

Like I said, I had quite a few bits of card lying around so I decided to go for a lay-flat look, taping each ‘page’ flush with each other then folding it over and taping the next two pages flush to each other.

Duct tape binding! #makebooks

Once that was done I taped the folded edge with even more tape to try and hold it firm. Here I’d imagine a REAL book binder would use a PVA type glue and material to ensure it was bound tightly.

Sloppy binding #makebooks

Mission accomplished. #makebooks #bookBinding

So, with any book I make these days I made a wee video about it so have a peek below:


See all the pictures in a Flickr set.

Le Fin


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