Robert Hughes Mega-Playlist

I’ve spent the week between work and family commitments swimming my way through the warm and fuzzy, frequently lyrical, world of Robert Hughes‘ televisual classic “The Shock of the Now”.

It was a marvellous journey that requires many repeats to soak up such large amounts of information and ideas; I’d somehow missed this series, though I’m unsure how, but I’ve made up for lost time now.

What does this have to do with a predominantly photo orientated blog? I’d say everything as it talks about ideas and ideas are important to make sense of pictures.

His episodes have a weight or quality of presentation very like Adam Curtis‘ films about the power of government and ideology like The Power of Nightmares.

I highly recommend watching this series if you haven’t already, so if you do I have 2 options:

1 WantedRobot’s YouTube Playlist.
2 All those videos bellow:

Episode One: The Mechanical Paradise


Episode Two: The Powers That Be


Episode Three: The Landscape of Pleasure


Episode Four: Trouble in Utopia


Episode Five: The Threshold of Liberty


Episode Six: The View From the Edge


Episode Seven: Culture as Nature


Episode Eight: The Future That Was


I’ve just started watching The New Shock of the New so hopefully it lives up to his original series.


Header image taken from this Gallerist article about the death of John Hughes at the age of 74 in 2012.


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