Photo Book Fever

So I’ve gone and made another photo book, this time to see what Albelli books look like. I’d seen mixed results before so I was keen to try them out; Amazon Local were offering a 50 page large landscape book, 28cm x 21cm (11″ x 8″) for £15 hardback so I couldn’t resist.

Enter now the difficulty, I’d decided to make a book before having an idea of what to present or discuss – this is really bad practice. So with a lack of a ‘content’ focussed concept I decided to go with a ‘form’ focussed concept called ‘slice’.

Photo Book: Slice

There’s a few layers to slice; a slice of life or a slice of image (cake).

Photo Book: Slice

Photo Book: Slice

The slices start with a focus on details then slowly work their way to slices of faces then slices of people then slices of groups of people; there’s more to us than the individual.

Photo Book: Slice

Photo Book: Slice

As I said I used Albelli this time instead of Blurb or SnapFish, whom I’ve used a number of times in the past and have been quite happy with, so it’ll be interesting to add a third party to the book printing equation.

Photo Book: Slice

The book building app they supplied felt OK to use but I’d liked to have better options when designing layouts like the ability to snap picture/text objects to a grid system like Blurb’s book-builder.

Photo Book: Slice

If you want to see an online only version of the book you can see it on the Albelli Website.

I’ll post again in a week or so with a verdict on the print quality.



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