Small Paper

Making pictures with paper negatives is something I’ve been doing a little while now or rather since I got my Harman Titan pinhole camera, but to be honest I only made a couple of paper prints with the Titan.

KinoulHill, TItan - Direct Positive Paper

I’ve primarily used paper, colour and black and white, in my Graflex cameras …

Two Trees


Colour Paper Negatives

… or my homemade 16×20 …

Me, Full Photo

Homemade Camera Fun Flowers

… or by rolling paper onto a 120 spool

Kodamatic Paper Fails

Anna (negative) Anna

Paper Trail - Bus Shelter

Paper Trail - Anna

… but I’ve decided to go another step further …. 35mm!


The Construction
It all started when I developed a test roll of dead slide film which had finally confirmed that all the film in one of my bulk loaders was dead. Being the second dead test roll I just opened the loader and took out the film.

Paper 01

Ever since I’d loaded paper into a roll of 120 backing paper in my C330 I wanted to try it out in a 35mm camera so I cut a length of film from the dead roll and set about cutting strips of photo-paper to fit 35mm film.

I used Fomapan’s Fomaspeed multigrade paper since it was nearest to hand and I super glued the photo-paper to the film, then the film/paper combo was taped to a spool and returned to the re-usable canister.

'Tis done! #fomapan #fomaspeed paper superglued to dead slide film and rolled into a 35mm canister! #believeinfilm #filmphotography

Rolling it back into the canister would’ve been easier if I had a camera in the room with me when I did it, using the rewind knob to make light of the work, but I wasn’t that forward thinking.

Once in the canister I then taped the leader to the take up spool of my FED 3, not a wise choice of camera as I found out later but …
“Live ‘n’ Learn.”

Loading the odd combo into the worst camera for something like that; my #fed3! #experiments #believeinfilm #filmphotography #fomaspeed #fomapan

Rating the paper at ISO6, wide open under the light of the kitchen it would be about 1/4 at ƒ2 so I decided to go with flash on full power; that came out at ƒ4 at 1/4 from around a meter and would be able to freeze images quickly.

The setup; #fed3 with a cheap old flash on full power attache to a #nikon flash cord plugged into a cold-hotshoe adapter. Flash exposure for the paper guessing the ISO was around ISO6, it was more around maybe ISO10

It was a bit tough winding on the roll of paper but after a few minutes firing, almost at random, I finished the short roll and I developed it.

It looks like the flash sync was all wonky except I've never set it on the #fed and i cant see how to set it ... I shoulda done it on bulb.

I was immediately struck, by the evidence presented, that my flash sync was all screwed up, it was somehow set to manual (light bulbs) instead of Xenon.

I shoulda went bulb and flashed manually with my hand but there you go, I can’t actually remember how you set the flash sync on the FED3 but I must’ve figured it out before because I’ve shot plenty flash with the FED using xenon flashes.

Flash sync fail, even at 1/4th, but i still #believeinfilm #filmphotography

On top of all that I’d actually over exposed the paper! Next time I’ll rate the paper around ISO10 and see how that goes, and I’ll load the roll into the Zorki since I know how to set the flash sync mode.

Anyway, this is what I got from the tiny paper negatives:







More paper to come since this week is #PaperNegativeWeek, something I’d never heard of until today.

Le Fin

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