Assessment Book

It’s that time again. That time where you have the dubious honour to hear how bad I am at speaking.

I tried to do something slightly different with these videos but it only meant they were shorter which meant I struggled to fit in all the stuff I wanted to say (but at least the “um”, “ah” and “basically” count was cut in half).

Lucy 5
Lets start with my favourite book of the bunch, Lucy 5.

This is a collection of photos from a day trip to visit Lucy, Anna’s cousin, to celebrate her birthday. I took a lot of photos and after seeing an email from SnapFish offering 70% off of 12″ x 12″ books I decided to make one; it cost £12 for 20 pages compared to £39.99 normal price …


This is what happens when you have too many jolly beers with a couple o’ quid to spare and a 40% discount code for the smaller SnapFish books.

This was a wee test book to see what the new-to-me SnapFish 6×4 fold-flat book looks like; I’d made a crumby SnapFish spiral bound ‘book’ before but as I said, it was pretty crumby – this time I was impressed.


Panorama of Edinburgh
Finally, this was my Panorama of Edinburgh test book. I say test book because I didn’t think the iPhone photos would print well but again I was actually very pleasantly surprised; I’m now inspired to keep this f’d up panorama idea going.


There you go, making books is very affordable these days and it’s a very enjoyable experience building one, having it printed and then holding it in your hands. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in picture making, photography or otherwise.



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