More Books

As I’ve blogged about in the past I enjoy making books, figuring them out, and generally looking at images to sequence in a book.

Photo Book

I’ve made about 7 books now and here’s a quick run down …

The first was a photo-book of just photos of my daughter from birth to 3 years as a Christmas gift to my parents using SnapFish.

Anna photo book

Then a test 6×4 collection of street photos to carry with me when photographing if people are curious about what I’m doing.

The Mini-Book

Then a test Blurb book purely for quality testing purposes

My first #Blurb test book. Keen to see what's inside but holding back until I get home (or on the bus home).

The fourth was similarly minded Blurb book about claustrophobic street photography at night.

Photo Book, Part 2

The fifth was another Blurb book about my holiday with family in Pittenweem called HOLS

Screen Shots

… the sixth was a Blurb magazine test print with photos of my daughters 4th birthday, post still to come …

Blurb Magazine

… and the seventh was a book celebrating my wife’s 40th birthday via SnapFish.

Snapfish Book Screen Grabs

I often feel SnapFish are the like McDonalds of self publishing with their offer of cheap but, I think, perfectly reasonable prints that are excellent for proofing and sequencing.

A few of my photographer friends have sort of scoffed at SnapFish but I think they offer a decent service for the quality they offer.

makeprints believeinprints photographs pictures

SnapFish has a very consumer feeling tool. It offers a basic web-based book building service that’s a bit clunky and though they have horrible embellishment options no-one would ever use you have much more control over the design than you may at first think.

More Photographs

When ordering hundreds of 6×4 prints from SnapFish via Flickr I saw they were offering some incredible discounts on their books. It was my daughters cousins birthday a few weeks ago so I decided to pull together a wee book to celebrate the event.

They offered a 70% discount on their 12″ x 12″ hardback books reducing a 20 page book from £39.99 to £12. I quickly constructed a simple book and bought two of them, one for me and one for them.

Snapfish Book Screen Grabs



It was difficult to choose just under 20 images from around a hundred I liked but that’s the sacrifice you have to make.

Vino de Plonko
After a few wines I made another book, this one was a 6×4 open flat book on a theme of mortality and place, all in black and white, that cost around £4 to make.

Snapfish Book Screen Grabs

Snapfish Book Screen Grabs



The obsession with books doesn’t stop there! I’ve been buying real books by real photographers too, below is a list of new-to-me books that are on their way:

After The Off” – Photos by Bruce Gilden in rural Ireland: £20

Anders Peterson, Photofile – a collection of photos: £9.95 (you can get it for about £4 now on Amazon Market Place)

Bruce Gilden, Photofile – I think Martin has this one: £6.87 (you can get it for about £4 now on Amazon Market Place).

Eyemazing: New Collectable Photography – a curated book of weird photos: £35

That’s all for now …

le fin


5 thoughts on “More Books

      1. It’s nice enough. I wasn’t blown over, but it didn’t seem cheap, either. I wish they had more options for text in the book — you get one line of text on the cover, and that’s it.


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