I’m Still Alive

It’s been a while and I’ve been busy busy busy, I’ve moved house, which was technically 2 houses at once, and changed job a little but so I’ve struggled to comprehend all that change coming at once.

In amongst all of that I’ve also been busy photographing stuff so here’s a semi-quick summary of what I’ve been up to …

Out with the old …

… in with the new and old/old old …
Moving House is Hellish

Refurbishment hell pending.


Mr. Fox

… a neighbour I didn’t expect, and here’s another one just down the road …


Big Cameras

The Beast, Contact Prints


… I’m lucky to have a decent amount of private garden space to play around in …


Scan 7

Film processing fun

Watch as I abuse Poundland’s great 200 speed Agfa colour film …

Hans Blix



‘Street Photography’
Street Photography

I now have a street only Flickr Account.





… yes, that’s a Leica Monocrom and no, it isn’t mine.




Resurrecting the Digital Casio IR Camera (sort of)

… I say ‘sort of’ because all I did was switch it on and realise if you tilt the screen a certain way you can sort of see the menu a little bit maybe …



Loads of GreySkies stuff
We now have the website: GreySkies; a Facebook page, who doesn’t; a Tumblr account with loads of posts already; and a Twitter account where we announce stuff and share pictures from.

We also have a Flickr page but that’s not ‘live’ yet. I’m sort of managing all of these myself to start with hoping other members will take over some of it; I’m already two blog posts down on the website already!

As you can see I’ve not been hanging about so it’s time to get back into this blog and it’ll probably start with the pounding I’ve been giving the Poundland Agfa film, pushing 200 speed colour film into a 1600 speed black and white film.

I hope those who have been following my blog or reading my posts have been well and I hope to chat about stuff soon.

Kind regards,


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