The Birds

Being out and about photographing during the day is a rarity for me these days so when I had the chance a few weeks ago I jumped at it.

I didn’t do that well, missing photo opportunities due to rust and hesitation but that’s what happens when you don’t do a thing for a period of time; I can barely remember anything about Exchange 2003 despite studying it for some time.

I had my Miranda camera out for the fist time with some colour Kodak film yet to be developed, though not it’s looking good since the meter wasn’t working so well for my B&W film.

I didn’t take much with the B&W film as it was the end of the day but Gareth, pictured above suggestively sucking on a lolly, was more prolific.

He took this awesome photo of the guy with the falcon …

Photo by Gareth Bragdon

Photo by Gareth Bragdon

… and this piper character who was crossing the road and put on a show for him …

Photo by Gareth Bragdon

Photo by Gareth Bragdon

Gareth is far more conservative than I when it comes to posting on Flickr and doesn’t blog about his work either so when I was at his flat and saw this Lightroom library I was astounded to see so many brilliant photos that haven’t made it online even published as ‘Friends Only’.

It’ll come as no surprise that I say that, if you’re into street photography and street portraiture, you should follow Gareth on Flickr.

Until next time …



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