No Sex Please, Miranda

Introducing Miranda, an £8 camera with an ƒ2, 50mm prime though pictured above with my £5, 28mm prime I bought at a fair.

I wasn’t sure if I would buy it but when I looked it up online the internets, all of them, hinted it might be using the K-Mount bayonet lens. After a bit of fiddling in the junk-shop with my k1000, checking the mount, and a suspicious eyeballing from the proprietor I bought it.

A wee bit more digging after I bought it I discovered it wasn’t really a Miranda at all but a rebadged Cosina but I didn’t mind, I now had a 50mm prime for my K1000 and a neat little Pentax-ish body.

I love Miranda’s petit body, I’m normally into bigger curvy cameras but I’m happy to try something new every now and then. You can see in the photo above the difference in size between the Miranda and the others especially the K1000 and the FED but it’s also noticeably smaller than the FM2.

I took the bugger out on the road and filled a roll of Kodak colour then onto some home-rolled HP5 plus rated at 1600, if only I knew how bad the light meter was …. that colour roll is bound to be terrible.

I said it once but I’ll say it again, I love the small body and how easy it is to manoeuvre especially with the 28mm Vivitar, you almost don’t need to focus.

The camera body has a neat shutter lock similar to but not as slick as my FM2, it has an OK shutter sync, up to 1/125, which is not too bad but not as fast as the FM2’s 1/250.

I was heading out to see James Pearson’s amazing darkroom with Iain Kendall but before that I popped down by Leith to get a few odds ‘n’ ends from storage and took a few photos.

It’s quite a thing to see so much car junk in one place but even more bizarre to see it right next to the road like a harsh reminder to the other cars to suck it up.

It certainly gave me an opportunity to look for an interesting image. I liked the photo above because it’s just this wall of shit with a wee slither of houses; like the garbage is swallowing us up.

I especially liked the comment Flickr user Stephen Lawson left saying “it’s like a bush or a cloud of scrap”.

Anyway, after all that I took a few in James’ darkroom …

I believe he has actually thought of everything because it’s just perfect though it’s not totally finished, there’s a couple of shelves to go up but it looks fabulous.

Iain and I were lucky to be able to have a play with his 5×4 De Vere enlarger and make a couple of prints and for me to use proper techniques rather than just guessing everything.

So the conclusion … the Miranda camera is a nice little thing despite the light meter not being reliable.



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