Alex Webb

I saw this on my Tumblr dashboard, a post from Eric Kim about Alex Webb working for Magnum in a Korean market.

At a base level it’s interesting to see how someone like him works a scene or see how he interacts, though through an interpreter, but it’s also interesting to hear him talk about the pictures.

It’s worth a watch.

Here’s part 2 …




2 thoughts on “Alex Webb

  1. cant wait to watch a bit of this…got suffering of light for christmas, which is amazing both in terms of the photos the quality of the book itself.


    1. Nice, ‘Suffering of Light’ has a lot of photos I really like so I’ll have to look for a copy as well. For Christmas I got a copy of ‘The Genius of Photography’ the book that accompanied the TV show and has a lot of good stuff in it, more detailed than the tv show.

      I just ordered a copy of Mike Brodie’s “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity”, a book of photos he made of hie times traveling on trains around America; it looks really cool (link).

      I’ve still to share some of my thoughts on the Blurb magazine print quality, I’ll do an email some time next week.


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