Welcome to 2014

Happy new year to those that follow or read my blog, it’s 2014 and hopefully a time for positive change and development for us all.

There are some changes on the horizon for me some of which may hopefully result in a paradigm shift on my photographic experimentation to date as I get access to my own garage/workspace; I believe I’m going to “get medieval” on photography.

More on that in the next few months though but first, Aberdeen …


Christmas past was spent in Aberdeen, a city I don’t frequent very often despite my parents living near there and my mother in law living there.

Every time I come back to Aberdeen the high street seems to be more run down and shabby looking’ than before. The Union Square zombie apocalypse movie set appears to have sucked the life out of the high street much like a zombie would it’s victims.

Life goes on and so does Christmas.

I’ve never really liked Aberdeen as a city, it looks so grey with it’s over instance of granite as it’s primary building material.

Why do us Scots like everything to look so dull, like the weather, why can’t we paint these hideous grey buildings bright yellow or something?

Of course, when I was there it was utterly pishin’ with rain and so freezing cold I nearly lost a few fingers photographing.

I was only in the centre of town once and that was enough.

Despite not being a fan of Aberdeen, a place I studied in for about 3 years and lived outside of for more than 10 years, I did have a lovely time with my family.


Like I hinted at earlier I have a very film focused year ahead so I’ll be detailing that as I go.



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