Did I Ever Say How Much I Love My C330?

I really love this camera but I’ve found myself neglecting it lately in favour of the smaller formats because of their ability to be wielded like a lithe Épée; the TLR more Sabre like.

This is me trying to shoot fast with a C330 like it was my GF1 or Zorki:

I do love the leaf shutter for mega-flash syncing.

Saying that, there’s something wonderful about a lovely square of melt-in-the-mouth film chocolate from a Mamiya TLR with it’s quality glass (at least I think so).

I loaded the TLR with Ilford’s FP4 around mid November but never felt I was in the position to use it on my daily commutes since it gets dark a few hours after getting light this time of year in the UK (December).

I had a few days freedom before Christmas, annual leave, so I took it out and about down by the shore before turning it on my family.

I can’t scan film at all well these days so I don’t even bother trying but I liked these enough to post to Flickr if only for me to see. Prints to come when I can.

It is a big camera to manoeuvre and requires such a small turn of it’s knobs to focus from infinity to less than a metre but it’s still dreamy to use. I made a review of the camera a wee while ago.

I took this next picture because I had 2 frames to fill but I was concerned because my daughter sorta ‘posed’ for it; I don’t want her to start posing for me because I like to believe in the truth of the candid photo if there is any in it.

The iPad ran out of power moments later and she started to sulk like a teenager without any care for photos …

“Truth restored” I lied to myself.


Anyway I hope your religious holiday of choice is going spiffingly well so far. Here’s to The New Year And The Same Ol’ Same Ol’ – a band title if you’re looking for one perhaps; I put it in title case and everything for you!


le fin

2 thoughts on “Did I Ever Say How Much I Love My C330?

  1. Funny this post comes up now. I just got a C330 for Christmas. I’ve had it less than a week, have shot 3 rolls so far (and a 4th one loaded for tomorrow) and have fallen head over heels in love with it! It’s a wonderful camera.


    1. Hey Limr, that’s excellent news!
      When I started collecting and using cameras they mostly had low quality lenses until I came across the Mamiya Universal and the C330. They feel great to use and sturdy; roll on roll number 5!


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