Last Friday was the last Christmas meal I’ll have with my team; the whole unit which was constructed of graphic designers, web publishers, application coders, and IT (me) that covered lots of random stuff is being dissolved.

I’m not jobless or anything just merging into a completely new team meaning more change on top of my recent living arrangement changes.

Despite carrying a camera with me throughout the day I somehow didn’t feel like taking pictures … until I had a few jars that is.

The meal was often referred to as ‘The Last Supper’ as if that was the end of everything.

Myself and the guys in the team were fairly autonomous and we could easily go months without ever meeting each other in person so it was a great opportunity to meet up and chew the fat.

Anyway, changing the subject awkwardly, I’d heard from chatting with my street photo buddies that one of the new SPNC (Street Photography Now Community) briefs could possibly be “shoot your family like you shoot the street” or words to that effect.

I believe I sort of touched on this with a previous post and was unconsciously doing it again – turning family, or friend/colleague, photos into ‘street photos’.

I think I’ve been so influenced by the ‘genre’ that it’s now my automatic default approach when wielding a camera; tight street portraits; cropped details; composition experiments.

Maybe it’s just what I’m into now with the smaller cameras.


It’s nearly Christmas so this might be the last post until the new year so if it is, may your holiday of choice be splendid.

le fin


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