I’m still obsessed with compartmentalising spaces in pictures and here I’ve done it again. Structurally, I liked this picture because there’s two similarly shaped objects occupying similar spaces except the smaller space has a slice out of it.

It also just so happens that the space that’s been ‘eaten into’ has a partially covered newspaper that reads “Hitler was not so bad, says teacher”. I never read the story so I don’t actually know where the teachers train of thought went after that ambiguous quote.

As soon as I saw this scene I could feel the objects and shapes saying ‘yes’ but I didn’t exactly know why; the divided space; the presence of two toilet systems; the larger toilet system on the side of the Hitler message; and the door overlap.

Looking again it says something to me about my minds-memory of my education of that period in history and the contrast between when I was young boy and my current view on the the world at nearly 40.

It reminds me that we are a forgetful species because we still see the same things happening in repeat. It makes me sad and cynical because it feels like no-one with power has learned anything positive from it.


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