Freelensing is great fun but it isn’t for everyone, obviously I love it hence I’m blogging about it.

If you don’t know what freelensing is it’s when you take the lens your off your camera to make pictures while holding the lens over the sensor or film plane by using the distance of the lens from the body to control the focus etc.

I haven’t tried to do this with any of my SLR film cameras yet but I might burn a roll soon but since it’s so random I may have a roll of mush.

Anyway, I believe I’ve already blogged about freelensing* before but this time I’ve went with a different kind of lens.

Lens 1 – Olympus WH10X2/22
The first lens I used wasn’t even a lens it was an eyepiece for a microscope!!

… I did wonder what those markings were for.

Anyway, the eyepiece was pretty interesting because it had two modes, regular and macro.

This is Macro Mode

This is Regular Mode

The limitation with this ‘lens’ is distance as you can’t focus far beyond 5 meters if at all and it can distort the outer edges of the image. These are plusses of course.

I used this lens to create images like the ones earlier in the post and these others:

Unfortunately the eyepiece isn’t mine, I found it abandoned in a drawer at work so I’ll return it shortly but it’s opened my eyes to other potential lenses I could use.

Lens 2 – Kodak Ektarpro Select
I got to work super early this morning so I thought I’d try out a projector lens from an old slide projector.

It was a Kodak Ektarpro Select 200mm – 300mm ƒ3.5 Projection FF Zoom Lens and it was actually pretty big with an uneven weighting so I had a wee bit of trouble controlling it.

At ƒ3.5 the focus plane was pretty thin.


Not sure why I need a conclusion but I’ll end by saying I’ll happily freelens with anything, back in 2011 I remember freelensing with a broken View Master eyepiece…

It was pretty much only good for macro work but still proof I’ll try anything I can get my hands on.

I’ll definitely be searching eBay and junk shops for projector lenses across the rest of the year and I’ll be interested to see how big I can go with these lenses but I suspect I won’t be able to make a projected image size any larger than 35mm but I’d like to find out.
le fino
* sorry that most of the images on those blog links are missing but I guess that’s the problem of having such a large amount of photos on Flickr, some will inevitably be culled or altered.


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