Galleria of the Projected Self

My daughter has been photographing me quite a bit of late so I thought I’d do a not-about-me me gallery.

We all have our own warped perception of who we are and how we look so I guess this is where mine is called up.

I don’t believe I’m vain about my appearance, hell, my wife had been on at me for quite some time to get new trainers, which were technically ‘running shoes’ if that makes a difference, because of a growing hole near the toe of my left trainer. I thought they were really comfy.

I did finally buy new foot wear, but I primarily wear non-branded clothes unless some are given to me as gifts so I’m basically a scruffy bugger with a scruffy beard and I think my daughter captured that quite well.

Bearing that in mind, Anna is only 3-ish so you can imagine this collection of pictures is a tight edit with a fair number of miss-fires in between. I doubt Anna was consciously thinking “how will my dad be perceived?” when she took them.

Anyway these are Anna’s portraits of me and this is what I found interesting: her focus is simple, capture what’s important ‘the face’ and the face up close.


In another video I made of her using one of my cameras you can actually ‘see’ from a child’s perspective how she perceives things. She starts of by going right up to it and literally placing the camera ON the object or person. You can see that when she tries to photograph her foot and my jumper.


… and now for my favourite photo of me by Anna because it literally captures how I’ve been feeling the past month or so.

It perfectly captures how ill I’ve been feeling with the stress of not having anywhere to live after my wife and I sold our flat. Fortunately we now have a rented property reserved pending the approval of our application of course.


Here’s a new-to-me band I was introduced to recently; Adebisi Shank. It won’t be to many peoples taste but if you’re a fan of The Foals and more importantly Battles then I think you might like it.

Listen to the whole album online or buy it for $6 USD.



3 thoughts on “Galleria of the Projected Self

  1. great stuff…its fascinating to see kids interpret the camera and photography. My de-facto nephew seems to think the on-cam flash and not the lens is taking the photo so thus his selfies usually consist of a close up of his mouth and chin.


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