The Kimchi Kid

There appears to be a new kid in town and he loves Kimchi and Pot Noodles.

It all started about about 7 months ago when I was last working at the south east side of Edinburgh. There it was, an empty tub of Kimchi.

Now, back to October 2013 and walking that same route I saw that the same carton and it was still there (pictured above)!

Then I found another one. This is odd I thought, very odd.

… but this morning I found another …

… and another …

… all on the same route!

My god man! What the hell is going on? Who could this devil be?!

Like a 3rd rate detective I survey the evidence to hand:

  • Kimchi = noodles
  • cheap noodles means ‘junk food’
  • what sort of person likes this much junk food?

Wait! what’s this, a Pot Noodle?

Yes it is! At first I was thrown. is this a break the chain? It isn’t. Kimchi and Pot Noodles are both NOODLES! There is a link.

I cleverly slide another, geographical, piece of this amazing puzzle together. These ‘clues’ all point like an arrow of truth to HOLYROOD HIGH SCHOOL!!! The Kimchi Kid must be a teenager with an eye for the noodles.

Oh the thick plottens! More to come with this exciting case I’m very certain!



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