HOLS Reunited

I got my HOLS Blurb book a week or so earlier than I expected so I was quite chuffed. It looks OK, bigger than I’d imagined for some reason and the print quality is OK.

So following the custom of making a printed book I made a video to accompany it. It’s the usual jump-cut mumbling mess so don’t expect to follow too much of what I say about it.


Something that might not make any sense in the video was the Pittenweem beach landscape scene. At around the 8 minute mark in the video I talked about developing a 120 roll in 380ml of chemicals.

These C41 pouches are really designed for 35mm film or for processing tanks and doesn’t cover the entire 120 roll in a standard developing tank.

I had to constantly agitate the tank to try and ensure the chemicals covered the entire roll but no matter how much you shoogle a tank, 100% even coverage cant be guaranteed.

The other point about using flash in street photography, I should clarify that the photos I’m referencing were made at less than 20cm from the subject at a focal length of 16mm and full flash.

I do use flash in my street pictures and so do my street-buddies but never at 15cm to 20cm away from someone I haven’t even engaged in conversation with. That’d freak anyone out.

Le Fin


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