Pictures At A Virtual Exhibition


As the title illustrates, this is primarily just a showcase of some visual ideas I’ve had of late but I’ve also interjected a few thoughts I’ve also been having about the opinionated masses.

I was going to blog at length about a podcast I heard lately where one of the hosts ranted at length about photography processes and more importantly, though maybe unconsciously, against choice.

The host complained about people using iPhone light meters and referred to them as idiots (among other things).

I noticed as it wore on that even the co-hosts weren’t really digging the comments punctuated by little blocks of silence.

I’ll assume the guy was quite young, maybe still living with his parents. When I was at art college I remember being the shouty sweary guy and in retrospect it’s really not cool. I still think back now and shudder like he probably will.

When you’re younger things can easily frustrate you but as you get older you still feel the frustration but you can better comprehend/contextualise and deal with it.

Luckily the internet wasn’t anywhere near what it is today and I had no access to whatever was available at that time and wasn’t able to show the world how ignorant and immature I was in my formative years.

If you’re going to say something is ‘shit’ I think it’s important and polite to contextualise it by saying ‘I think’ first and remember; there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

If you want a lesson on taste then ask a million people and you’ll probably get a million different ideas.

I’ll stop blethering here and bow out with a series of recent photos because my opinion doesn’t make anyones photos or my photos any more or less important, even someone obsessed with HDR.











Peace and harmony

Le Fini


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