No Blurb Blurb

Here we go again, another Blurb book but this time it’s a wee keep sake from our holiday a few weeks ago in Fife. All photos and no actual blurb other than where we holidayed and when.

This time I went square despite virtually every photo being around the 3:2 ratio. I was looking for a cheaper and smaller option so this seemed to make sense plus a book with these dimensions meant I could do some interesting double page spreads with the longer composed photos, basically I just went for it.

Each image is a full page bleed and although some photos will work better than others it’ll be interesting to see how extreme the folds are for the double page spreads.

I know this double page spread is likely to be quite rough …


So the shape is called the ‘Small Square’ which is 7in x 7in or 18cm x 18cm printed on lustre paper which I believe is the standard/default choice.

In the end I made a 42 page soft back book with 34 photos, this brought the total cost per book minus delivery to just over £13 each; add the £5.99 delivery to get £19.33.

I ended up making two copies in case my parents wanted one despite them not really liking my pictures that much so in the end it was £32.67 for two 42 page books including delivery.

Even though I’ve never gambled money beyond maybe a Big Brother sweepstake or even know anything about how ‘odds work’ for betting I believe I took a bit of a gamble here.

Delivery in early October so I’ll report back then to see how the wee square ones go.


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