Urban Photography Continued

Continuing on from my last similarly minded post I’ll post a few more pre-holiday snapshot aesthetic style photo fun I’ve had.

One thing I did mention last time was the difficulty during the festival to not make ‘festival‘ photos which are mainly tight portraits of performers with long lenses, not that that is bad or anything just that it’s not what I like to do.

Saying that, I did make a few festival performer photos …

Though they aren’t of the norm …

Because the streets were jam-packed with people and performers it’s difficult to capture anything coherent so I just went for incoherent.

Especially the weird balloons people were buying on the Royal Mile. This next one sort of looked like weird space-genitals.

Space Genitals

I’m still running this ‘details’ theme of mine where I’m less interested in actually capturing people but their habits or interests.

I know it’s not even remotely original but what is?

One windy day I tried to grab some flying litter. I might try more of that because it’s a challenge much like pigeons and other winged beasties …

I also have a fascination with colourful pattered dresses whenever I see them. I don’t really see a lot of colourfully dressed people in Edinburgh so it’s always nice to see those guys.


Pigeons Update
What’s a post from me if it doesn’t have a bloody pigeon or two in it so here we go ..!

I decided one day to try taking pigeon photos with the C-Mount Switar 50mm ƒ1.4 cinema lens I got with a Bolex cinema camera. Trying to think at 50mm plus, what(?), maybe 1.5 crop factor on a M43 camera was tough.

What was even tougher was that I was going wide for shallow depth of field and ƒ1.4 is not a something I’d normally do since I don’t subscribe to the whole shallow DoF immediately = a great photo. I don’t care for that kind of bokeh.

Back to the standard digital setup with flash here all at around the 16mm focal length …

And the final pigeon frame for now …


Urban Urban
Urban photography for me, when I hear it, is the attempt to make an interesting photo of the urban surroundings sans people …

… but I think I’m going to refer to street photography and that style of urban photography as the same thing. I’ll only mention ‘street’ when I have to.


A very long time ago I used to know Linlithgow quite well having briefly lived there when I was too young to really remember but more from visiting relatives there.

My family and my Brother in law and his girlfriend went to Linlithgow Palace for the day and I tried out a few things in a new situation.

I started to develop a theme of framing people or things within windows or other devices …

What it showed me was something I’d chatted about with the photography collective I’m in (but still can’t talk about); the new street or urban photography is out of the city.

This was something the very brilliant Lesley Ercolano said months ago and she was so right.

It doesn’t even need to be street bloody photography but ‘just pictures’. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve seen enough high contrast B&W photos of people crammed into city shaped boxes so lets try to shake things up a bit.

Maybe that’s why the Greeks are so popular in current street photography circles with their more rural feeling environments and brilliantly bright light.

Anyway … back to the city …

It’s hell isn’t it?

… and the festival because at the time of these photos it was still running amok.

One thing the collective are keen to do are singular/group projects and although we are all practicing street photographers it isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ of what or who we are as picture makers.

But I think I’ve said too much about that so far. We’re almost ready to go live with the collective but I wonder how much splash it will actually make in today’s online world? I doubt it’ll be much but you never know.

I think we, as in everyone online, should think local first. Trying to be an international hit is near impossible unless you have the resources and money to build your following probably by posting regularly with decent enough photos and working your social media avenues daily by commenting favourably on everyone else’s work.

I’ve got a day job plus a family and as you’ve probably realised, if you’ve read any of my recent posts, the virtual me is as interested in all that as the real me.

There are too many pitfalls on social media platforms because there’s a lot of people out there that will read what they want to read regardless of how well you think you’ve written against it. I found that out recently on Twitters.

Bye for the noo!

¡Adiós por ahora!
(trying something new)


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