The Morning After

So the morning after the night before I planned to go out with my weird contraption but sadly I had a rough nights sleep from my burgeoning cold so it was reduced to a few snaps around the house and out the window.

Pretty uninspiring but it was as expected, very cramped flat photos compared to the ultra wide photos I normally get from the GF1 and it’s kit lens. Fun all the same.

I then wondered how the Tropicana lens/carton would look with a shard of ground glass I made a few months ago against it.

It looked pretty good … now I was inspired to move to phase 2 – to large it up!

The New Build

Here were the ingredients; the back of my Titan pinhole; some wooden bits; a screw; drill; wood saw; glue; waxed tablecloth; kodak ball bearing shutter I bought for £3 at a market; blah blah blah …

Here I sat the two standards together but I needed to elevate the front.

I had a block of composite wood left over from installing my new bath panels so slap on some araldite.


Back Standard
Now to screw the Titan pinhole back standard onto a length of board.

A bit of drilling and it’s done.

Now to position the two elements together to see how they look … completely insane and perfect!


This was going to be the trickiest part because I wasn’t too keen on making proper bellows at this stage but I realised I could maybe try to use some of the old wax tablecloth I was using to paint on.

I managed to cut the sheet a little too small by stupidly just guessing it then I cut another bit and taped it inside. I found the tablecloth was simply too thick and stiff to easily manipulate so I’ll have to find something else for phase 3.

First Shoot
Since the whole idea is bananas I decided to use bananas as the subject for the first photo; ƒ16 for 1 second on Fomapan 100 film.

I developed the sheet in a darkened room because I managed to lose my 3 reel tanks centre core and I’m now using my 2 reel tanks core and a wee metal tube to attempt to ‘extend the darkness’.

The final negative is a bit funny actually and kinda looks in focus but it does have quite a big light leak down one side.

Doing the rotating and reversing in my brain I deduced the leak was on the left side of the camera …

and bing, there it is …

… a MASSIVE gapping hole!

A bit foggy but not too bad for such a quick build.

Like I said in my last post, this is why I love photography, messing about with what you have around the house like one of those cooking TV shows where you have to make a meal from random ingredients.

“Art for fun, can you imagine that?” said Sally Mann, and she was right.

More soon …

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